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Bookmaker’s office PariMatch in recent years has gained a second youth. After receiving an official license to operate the company conducted a major rebranding and significantly improved its position in the market. Now a huge number of people – from beginners to professionals – make bets at PariMatch.


And this is not surprising, because the company has done serious work on the mistakes, improving the service hundreds of times, as well as expanding the line of cooperation with many sports stars, including the legendary Conor McGregor. This bookmaker company provides a wide line and gives high odds. But most of all it specializes in soccer and mixed martial arts. The line on these sports can compete with the best representatives of the betting market in the world.

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Another important plus – PariMatch users can bet and watch a huge number of matches live. Service is available directly on the site of the BK.In 2020, the betting company PariMatch seriously updated its website, making it as convenient and laconic as possible. Betting on sports has become much more comfortable, it is noted by many users of this bookmaker’s office.

PariMatch does not forget about the official applications for smartphones running on Android and iOS. The bookmaker company PariMatch actively attracts new customers to its ranks. Is there a better way than bonuses and free bets? Probably none have been invented yet. So, PariMatch is ready to double the first deposit for new customers. In addition, this bookmaker’s office regularly conducts thematic bonus programs. Usually, they are dedicated to major fights or soccer events.

PariMatch has a huge amount of positive feedback from its customers for a reason. The company is rapidly developing and offers players one of the best services on the market.

Name PariMatch
Legal address Schout Bij Nacht Doormanweg 40, Curacao
Legal name of company Pari-Match N.V.
E-mail: [email protected]
Country of license Curacao
Number of license 122693
Official web-site
Country Vietnam
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Is it really possible to make money on sports betting?

People who have never bet on sports events think that it is impossible to beat a bookmaker’s office. If you look at the question in detail, earning money from sports betting is quite possible. It requires a balanced approach and a bit of luck. This way of earning is associated with a certain risk. No one knows in advance how the match will end, even a few minutes before the end of regular time. You can only speculate with a certain degree of probability. Otherwise, bookmaker’s offices and betting would not exist.

There are always risks associated with losing money. The bank may lose its license. A crisis may arise in the country, as a result of which customers will simply lose all their deposits. Other problems are also possible, such as robberies or excessive risk-taking by a bank. In this sense, the riskiness of sports betting does not differ much from any other investment. However, the risk of losing money does exist…

Hence the main rule of betting: use only those financial means that you can lose without fatal consequences. Never borrow money to place a bet, take out a loan, or touch money set aside for family needs. Allocate a small starting capital (bankroll) for sports betting. If you plan to place a few bets to try out, you can limit yourself to a very small amount. If you plan to make money and use strategies, the size of the bankroll should allow you to make 20-50 bets.

In addition, if you are serious about becoming a professional handicapper and give up stable work in favor of sports betting, check the following conditions:

  • Availability of high-speed and uninterrupted access to the Internet. You must be sure that at any moment you will be able to go online, view the necessary data and make a bet.
  • Availability of several hours of free time every day. The situation in the sports world can change at any time. Players get injured, new athletes appear who was nothing yesterday, old players finish their careers.
  • Having a bankroll that you can easily lose.
  • Cold-bloodedness. In the world of betting, there is no room for “favorite teams”, emotions and desires. Only statistics, mathematical forecasting, and probability determination.
  • An interest in one of the sport disciplines. If you are not interested in sports, you will work through force. As a result, you will get neither money nor moral satisfaction from the work done.
  • Most beginning players start their career with the most popular sports: hockey, soccer, and basketball. The maximum profit, according to analysts, can be obtained by betting on tennis competitions in the Grand Slam.

Almost all beginners start with soccer or hockey. Due to the scale, dynamism, and popularity, even a beginner can get an idea of what’s going on. Beginners should not expect huge profits. If a beginner begins to use a working strategy, he can get a stable monthly profit of 10 percent of the bank. For risk aficionados, there are also strategies with high profitability. Here you can get several times more than on low-yield and non-risk strategies, but the probability of losing the whole bank also increases.

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Making money on football betting: simple rules for a profitable game

For the first sports betting that a beginner makes in a bookmaker’s office, soccer is ideal. This sport is known to most since childhood, the rules of the game are not complicated, the leading players and teams are occasionally glimpsed on the Internet and television. Soccer matches are periodically broadcast on sports channels, and those who wish can get to the competition and personally assess everything that is happening.

Thanks to the popularity of soccer, you can find comprehensive information on almost every major event on the global network. Those wishing to do so can even find current sports forecasts from experienced professionals.

When planning a bet, you should not forget: soccer is a team sport, and the result of the match depends on each athlete individually and the team as a whole. If the main goalkeeper gets injured and can not participate in the match, even a star team may lose to an outsider. But it can also win if a decent replacement is taken care of in advance.

Many small factors can affect the result of a soccer match: the condition of the grass on the field, the rain that fell the day before, scandals, and investigations related to athletes or coaches. An important factor is whether the match is an away match for the team, or takes place at the home stadium, where the players know every millimeter.

When planning sports betting, you should not rely solely on your gut, luck, and a dream you had two days ago. There is no need to focus solely on the odds developed by the analysts of the selected bookmaker’s office: they are also human and can be mistaken. Moreover, it is not always possible to determine the unambiguous leader of the match.


If you want to make reliable soccer predictions, use a few simple tips in your work:

  1. Never bet on your favorite team. It is such bets that are the source of constant income for the betting shops. All people and handicappers are no exception, tend to overestimate the strength of the team they cheer for and underestimate the strength of the opponent. Accordingly, the player will evaluate all events that can affect the outcome of the match, in favor of his team.
  2. Do not spread yourself thin. Some novice handicappers bet on all sports disciplines and competitions offered by the bookmaker. Decide on a discipline you know and can conduct your own analysis, pick a few teams and competitions. This will allow you to concentrate on the little things, not to miss some events, thoroughly study the features of the chosen league and the teams’ possibilities, identify the mediocre, the underdogs, and the winners.
  3. Don’t mess with the decisive matches and finals of major competitions. This is not a rule, it’s a tip. If one of the teams gets an unambiguous advantage if they win, it is not worth betting. Similarly with the final duels and matches. Bookmakers approach such competitions with special care, calculate all possible options, clinging to the smallest details. As a result, the favorite of the match gets the minimum odds (for example, 1.01) and the outsider gets the maximum odds (for example, 21.05). Of course, it happens that the outsider beats the leader, but it is very rare.
  4. Control your emotions. Take your time, weigh all the available information, filter out the excess, and conclude. After that, make a bet following the chosen strategy. You should not bet more than 2-5 percent of the bankroll. After placing a bet, even more so, there is no need to worry: you will not be able to influence anything in any case, and the outcome of the match can change in the last seconds.
  5. Pay attention to the odds. The lower the multiplier, the more likely the outcome. It is recommended for beginners to bet on events with small odds. The profit will be small, but more probable than if you bet on the big odds. Experienced handicappers compare odds at several bookmakers’ offices, choose the best option and place a bet.

The above tips will be especially useful for beginners, but experienced handicappers also need to refresh their memory. Join PariMatch now and make bets to win!