Parimatch basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most famous sports, and many fans of this game watch with particular interest the competition in the NBA, the strongest league in basketball. Most bettors prefer betting on basketball. It is the most popular sport on par with baseball, hockey and American soccer.

Basketball appeared in 1891 in America and immediately became a popular sport. Thanks to this betting on basketball became very popular, as well as there were famous and strong teams, leagues and championships. Now this game is known worldwide and basketball bets are accepted in all bookmakers. Basketball is quite a spectacular game due to the physical demands of the players.

Basketball betting

The advantage of basketball betting Parimatch

The high frequency of games and regularity of events make it possible to bet on basketball on a regular basis. Those players who follow the NBA championship know firsthand the fact that teams often play a huge number of games in one season with minimal intervals. Sometimes the calendar allows teams to play 3 or 4 games a week, and that’s what makes it possible to make Parimatch basketball betting almost every day.

There is a huge number of events with the same probability, due to the fact that in this game there is often a tangible advantage of one team over the other, the odds for outcomes such as a draw, victory of 1st team over 2nd or victory of 2nd team over 1st are very attractive, because the odds are quite high. That’s why bookmakers are trying to equalize the probabilities and put for each of the matches a certain handicap. That is, you have to guess with a smaller or larger difference in the score – will your team lose or win. Along with this, the bookmaker also offers betting on the total for all basketball games. The bookmaker determines the most likely number of points that the teams will score in the game, and you have to choose whether to bet less or more points on the teams as a result. As a result, there are at least 2 events with the same probability (total and handicap) in any basketball game.

Very high limits in basketball betting. The prominence of the NBA, Euroleague and super league Pari match are able to attract a huge number of players betting large sums. Undoubtedly, bookmakers are trying to constantly create such conditions so that the turnover of funds was as large as possible, because that’s what their profit is based on. But it should be said that this factor often depends on the level of the betting company. A solid office betting limits are usually very high.

Basketball betting is accepted by all bookmakers. Bookmakers tend to lower their margins due to the fact that there is constant competition in such a lucrative segment as Parimatch basketball. As a result, the margin on most events with equal probability in almost all bookmakers is much smaller than in betting on other sports.

Bets can be made not only on the most famous championships in the world like the NBA. Everywhere basketball has its own championships and leagues. That’s why basketball games take place all year round in quite a large number. In addition to the NBA, there are many more tournaments and championships around the world. Basketball betting has spawned many new strategies for betting, which then began to be used for other sports as well. Basketball betting is definitely a popular activity, and what a pleasure it is to watch the game you bet on!

How to bet successfully on basketball Parimatch?

Find out the history of the team, how long it has been playing, how often the coach has changed, what positions it holds in the standings. If this team has not been playing for a long time, it may not show high results right away, especially if it plays against a more experienced and stronger team.

Look at the team’s statistics for the current season and last season. Compare the team’s results in the standings, and try to find the reason why, so you can predict the team’s success. Also clarify the team’s lineup, if there have been any changes in it, if the coach has changed. Check if the main players have serious injuries.

After making the analysis and getting an idea of the teams and players, try to understand the motivation of teams in the current tournament, find out what the next games will be and estimate the chances of winning.

Strategy on the underdog in basketball Parimatch

In a basketball game played four quarters or two periods of two quarters. The outcome in each quarter has no effect on the overall outcome of the game. The points are counted for the whole game. That is, having taken an advantage in one or two quarters, in the next segment the favorite may save strength and lose to the outsider.

As the statistics say, the weaker team often wins at least one of the four periods. This is a chance to catch odds higher than 2.00 on the underdog. Specialists advise using this technique with the use of catch-up if you suddenly fail to guess a period.

The bettor is required to find a match in which the clear favorite will play against the underdog. The odds on the victory of a strong team should not be lower than 1.30. In the pre-match playlist bookmakers offer to bet only on the outcome of the first quarter. It is very important to be guided by the result for this period of time.

Even/Odd Strategy: Quarter Total

One of the best strategies for basketball used for quarter totals. It can be quickly mastered even by beginners. And you do not need to study statistics for a long time for successful betting. On the fact that in the quarter the amount of points scored by the two teams will be paired or unpaired, a 50/50 probability applies. Using the methodology of even / odd in conjunction with the long-on, the player needs to follow the established algorithm:

  • decide whether to bet on an even or odd number of points;
  • Choose a BK and open the section with basketball bets;
  • Find the match for which you offer odd or even bets on the total of a quarter;
  • Calculate the bet amount for one outcome – the total bank should be enough for at least 8 bets with the use of catch-up;
  • To make a bet on odd/even total of the first quarter;
  • after a losing bet, select the sum of the next bet so that the winnings could pay off the previous expenses and bring money on top;
  • Make a bet until the bet will not come up.

Strategy for total by quarters

To effectively apply the strategy of betting on basketball Parimatch quarter totals, you will need to take the time to analyze statistical data. Here it is necessary to be guided not only by the quotations of bookmaker’s offices. And if you just choose a match at random, the methodology will not give the desired effect. It is necessary to pick a match where unstable teams are involved, scoring a lot of points in one period, and oppositely little in another. Due to this you can alternate bets by quarters.

Before the start of the meeting, it is important to decide what outcome and for which quarters you will choose. There are no recommendations here – the choice is made on the basis of the player’s own preferences. However, the sequence of outcomes in the future should be constant.