Dota 2 esports betting

Are you a Dota 2 fan? Looking for a way to make money while enjoying an addicting game? We have a good solution for you. More and more companies are starting to offer online esports betting and Dota 2 is one of the most popular disciplines here. How it works? It’s simple. If you can predict the outcome of the game, know who will be the best player in the tournament and be able to guess the first blood in the game, then welcome to the club – Dota 2 betting is for you. All you have to do is find a dedicated and reliable platform on which you can safely place your bets on Dota 2.

We understand that no one is born a betting guru on Dota 2 Parimatch. Therefore, we do our best to make you a professional Dota 2 player, simply by checking the information on the site.

Dota 2 bet

What is special about Dota 2 betting?

In recent years, the popularity of Dota 2 has reached unprecedented heights. The game is now part of eSports disciplines and allows teams to prove themselves in a series of tournaments called Dota Pro Circuit. In this highly competitive ecosystem, it is very difficult for beginners to understand the specifics and mechanics of betting.

Do you have a chance to get into the hall of fame? Of course everyone has it! What do I need to do? First, make sure you get some experience and find a site where you can bet on your favorite team. However, even these two are not a problem. We’ve developed a dedicated tournament platform to help you take your first steps in professional Pari match Dota betting. You can use it for free and find everything you need in one place!

How to place bets in Dota 2?

Although Dota 2 is a rather difficult discipline, everything becomes easier if you have a professional assistant on hand. Of course, the game requires deep analysis and extended statistics. By keeping track of team rankings and industry news, you can solve the difficulty problem right away. In addition, you can always choose the best bet option that suits your knowledge criteria perfectly.

You need to decide what the rate means to you. If you want to make money, you need to understand the game and study all the best players in all the games taking part in the tournament. To do this, you need to view the championships, check the professional ratings. Match statistics and read specialized forums. You can find out about the teams of the second level from the qualifiers for the tournaments.

After that, you need to do the following:

  • Select a Parimatch Dota betting site and register an account there;
  •  Make a deposit (you may be eligible for a bonus). This can be done in various ways, the most popular of which are bank cards or e-wallets;
  • Analyze a specific match and make a prediction for the game;
  • Choose the appropriate option from the options provided. If possible, it is worth comparing the offers of several Dota 2 betting sites;
  • Fill in the bet coupon and complete the transaction.

If you wish, you can watch the game online and place bets in real time. To do this, it is worth clarifying in advance whether the bookmaker has a mobile application and whether it supports real-time betting.

The line in Dota is wide enough, and everyone who is the best can choose the optimal outcome for bets. Below we have listed the main types of bets on Parimatch dota 2.

Game Result

The main result is the winner of the match. There is no draw in most tournaments. When planning a bet on the result of a Dota2 tournament, it is necessary to take into account not only the average level of the participants in the game, but also the form of the game, motivation, the workload of the tournament and its format. It is not recommended to place bets in bo1 format before the match. Let’s dive into the specs for rates.

Dota 2 matches are played in best of 1, best of 3 and best of 5 formats (competition finals). Interestingly, betting on one of the two teams to win is not always the best decision. If you make a pre-match bet, then in addition to the skill level and rating of the team, it is worth considering its style of play, match format, motivation and tournament prize. The latter factor can affect both the physical and the moral component of the team. If the match is played in the best of the one format, we recommend that you do not make pre-match bets. This format always comes as a surprise. Anything can happen, and even a game guru cannot predict the outcome.

Total Map Kills

This usually depends on the style of play of both teams playing against each other. If teams from the CIS region or Southeast Asia participate in the tournament, you should definitely take into account that there will most likely be a lot of insane murders. These commands are pretty unrestrained and sometimes make risky blobs. On the other hand, European teams have a well-defined game plan and 100% control of the map.

Map Kills Handicap

Handicap on kills 5.5-7.5 will be set in a match of approximately equal teams. This means a simple thing – with a high degree of probability you can bet on your favorite with a minus handicap. Typically, the winning team has a gap of just over five kills in their direction. For example, if you take the OG team, they will have a lot of wins, regardless of whether they lose in kills or do not have a big advantage. It’s the same with Team Secret.

Total Cards and Chances of Cards

In the struggle of equal teams, it is difficult for one of them to take two cards in a row. This should be taken into account when Parimatch betting on Dota 2. The following parameters are the only exceptions:

  • The team won the first one-sided card;
  • The team won the first map, having won back a huge advantage of the opponent;
  • The team won the first map within 70+ minutes of the game.

Do not underestimate the psychological factor here. Since the average age of a Dota 2 player is around 20 years old (some players are even 16-17 years old), the game can go wrong due to psychological pressure. Consider this nuance as well.

Winning the round

If you decide to place this type of bet, then you need to look at the format of the tournament. Some strong teams may lose one of the rounds.

What you need to know about Dota 2 betting?

Dota 2 from Valve Corporation is a very popular online multiplayer game. It even ranks as one of the largest esports disciplines in the world. The origin of this genre is controversial. The earliest popular MOBAs were Defense of the Ancients and the real-time strategy game Warcraft III from Blizzard Entertainment. One of the developers involved in the project was hired by Valve as the lead designer for Parimatch Dota 2. No wonder the game boasts revolutionary logic, design, gameplay and mechanics.

Dota 2 tournaments

Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports disciplines. Its tournaments offer huge prize pools and boast a community from all over the world. The games are watched by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Given the huge popularity of the game, it should come as no surprise that more than one tournament is being played.

The largest tournament held by Valve is the International Dota 2 Championship. The competition has a prize pool of approximately $ 20 million. The pool is being replenished thanks to Dota 2 fans who are actively buying in-game products, which affects the balance. The company directs 25 percent of its sales to form a fund.

There are other championships and leagues, but their level is much lower than that of The International. Typically, their prize pools do not exceed $ 200,000 250,000 – XNUMX XNUMX, the number of teams is also limited. However, you can bet on any tournament you like – there are many opportunities and platforms.

Online Dota 2 Betting Options

There are several ways to place a bet on Dota 2:

  • Regular money;
  • Play money;
  • Game items.

Be sure to check the platform’s features to make sure it supports the type of bet you want.

Dota 2 Esport

Real money / play money betting

Dota 2 Parimatch real money bets are placed on the sites of regular bookmakers. You will be surprised to know that this type of bet can be placed even in countries where real money betting is illegal. In most cases, this type of bet is placed on the winner of the game, the winner of the tournament and the next round of the tournament.

Game item betting

If you play Pari match Dota 2, you can place a bet on in-game item / item according to the odds table. It is worth knowing the cost of the goods in advance.

Successful bets on Dota 2 Pari match

To make money on bets, you need to understand the game, know the best players, as well as the format of the tournament. You can find out all this just by looking at the international Dota 2 Championship. Any broadcast with a renowned commentator will provide you with information as they know more about the sport than any professional. We also recommend checking the tournament qualifications to see the tier 2 pros and learn more about potential talent. Thus, you will keep track of the statistics of the stormy competition and easily predict the outcome of the game.

Like all esports, Parimatch  Dota 2 is unusual. The idea of ​​betting on video games is completely new. It may take a lot of work to make it a reality and be successful. However, once you enter the information space, you will surely meet someone who will help you and will make every effort to make your bet a winning one. And we can always become your experienced assistant in this matter!