Esports betting Parimatch

Esports betting is a young, but very promising direction in the betting world. Today this sport is growing faster than others due to large prize funds and therefore is in great demand among those who want to earn extra money.The development of computer games and the Internet access made it possible to organize professional teams. And the popularity of online competitions between them and the interest of a million public gave impetus to the emergence of international tournaments.

Parimatch Esports betting

This is the only discipline betting on which is accepted in real time. Unlike football, hockey, basketball and other sports, live bets are very popular in cyber competitions . Before playing, you need to choose where to do it. The best bookmakers in Vietnam offer good conditions for cooperation, give out bonuses and make predictions on the outcome of the event. On the network, betters leave feedback on the work of the offices, so you can quickly decide on the site where to play.

Most of the largest and best Parimatch esports betting on popular online games: Starcraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, CS, World of Tanks , Vainglory, Halo, Call Of Duty, NBA 2K18, Smite, HOTS and others. Each bettor has the opportunity to become an observer, assess the professionalism of opponents and determine the winner. Competitions in various cyber disciplines are held almost daily.

Where to put it?

It’s hard to find people now who don’t know what Parimatch esports is . Many of them know how to make good money on this. You can bet on cyber disciplines in official bookmakers in Vietnam. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a bookmaker, you should evaluate its reliability, the level of quotes and the size of the margin. You can play with real people with even a small initial capital.

Existing types of cyber sports provide ample opportunities for betters to earn money, most importantly, well-thought-out tactics. When predicting, the physical fitness of the participant does not matter. The main thing is experience, desire and teamwork of the team. Pay attention to statistics.

Esports Betting Sites

Cybersport is a single or team competition in online games. Just a few years ago, bookmakers turned their attention to such competitions.At the largest matches in Blast Premier, DreamHack, ESL, Raidcall, SLTV Starladder, Starseries, The International, millions of winnings are played out . Modern bettors have a unique opportunity to earn money by watching the game of Dota and CS: GO online.

Betting on cyber disciplines began to gain immense popularity among risk lovers and gamblers. Parimatch esports start from the very minimum and vary depending on the popularity of the game and the match. Most bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet on prematch, live, total, handicap and outright. There are not many companies in the Eastern European region that provide reliable betting services.

It is convenient to place Parimatch esports bets online today in the following licensed bookmakers, which are in the top of Vietnam – Parimatch is trusted by millions of bettors around the world with their money . The bookmaker supports a wide list for pre-match and live for various cyber disciplines. All these best bookmakers accept money betting without a script, but there are also Vietnam betting sites that accept skins and items as currency. Before placing a bet, you must register for free on the site without a passport and verification.

Skin bets

Every day there are more and more Pari match esports fans. Skin betting is a kind of training before playing for real money. Skins are special items within the game that make it possible to change the appearance of characters. This greatly increases the chances of winning. With such a game, you can replenish your arsenal with rare and necessary items. Betting in things does not differ from real bets on money games.

The main advantages of betting with skins:

  • Gamers only risk gaming stuff, and will not be able to spend money.
  • Good practice before playing for real money. This will give an opportunity to understand how and what to do. In doing so, you will learn how to analyze and predict the outcome of matches.
  • Opportunity to play for gamblers under 18 years old.

Skins can be obtained in the game itself, bought from other players, won in a raffle or by watching streams. The cost can be in rubles or dollars, the price depends on the rarity of the item.

Esports betting strategy Parimatch

Today, almost all the most reliable bookmakers accept online esports bet with money. At the same time, the volume of bets on the largest tournaments of the major / minor class bypasses some classic sports: hockey, football and others.

The wagering process in these cases is identical. Better chooses a discipline, a TIR 1, TIR 2, TIR 3 class tournament, odds and bets the desired amount. There are internet bets on prematch and live, as well as long-term bets on tournament winners. Before placing a bet, you should study the schedule of games, matches, LiveScore on HLTV and the winnings.

Features of cyber disciplines

There are many strategies for playing the game among professionals, but there is no one that would guarantee the player a victory. The results directly depend on the actions of the esports team members, the chosen map, professionalism and other criteria. A contractual match can be determined by a large amount for one of the top teams.

To correctly place a bet on e-sports via the Internet, you need to understand the features of the game:

  • CS: GO is a shooter game. To hit the jackpot, choose a tournament with a solid win. Bookmaker bets placed on the strongest team can bring a decent win.
  • Dota 2 is a strategy game. Unlike the previous shooter, there are no clear leadership teams. Before making a bet, you should find out which of the players will play which character. Betters are able to see the draft of both teams, so they are better at making predictions.
  • League of legends is an RPG with elements of real-time strategy. Watch out for the distribution of cards and characters, because each of them has their own skills.

Successful betting strategies

Regardless of the chosen computer game: Overwatch, PUBG, Warface, LoL, Mortal Kombat, World Of Tanks, FIFA, volleyball, tennis, UFC, Starcraft2 and other winning strategies have some common features. These include:

  • Forks . In this strategy, money is placed on opposite outcomes of one event at different esports bookmakers. In this case, the winning amount will compensate for the loss.
  • Line bet . Follow the updates of the players in the team, analysts do not always take into account the appearance of strong rivals and give excellent odds for the result.
  • Peak bet . This strategy is perfect for live matches. Players get characters on the map, so the composition of the team is not known in advance. A better who understands the intricacies of the game can easily predict the outcome of the competition.

No one will give advice on how to bet on League of Legends, Tanks, Mortal Kombat and other cyber disciplines. Betters should read reviews of the best bookmaker sites, analyze statistics, check their conclusions against forecasts, compile ratings of teams and players. The ability to play the game and constant learning greatly increase the chances of winning.

Esports betting: where and how to bet CS: GO and DOTA 2?

The number of esports bet fans is increasing every day. This is due not only to the growing popularity of online games, but also to the size of the income from bets. Cyber ​​athletes have the opportunity not only to enjoy their favorite game, but also to earn great money. Most bookmakers nowadays offer good and high odds for online money betting.


CS esports betting

Fans of the popular game CS:GO have an excellent opportunity to quench their thirst for excitement by making bets on matches. All bets are related to tournaments with professional cyber teams. The principle of matches does not differ from ordinary sports competitions. Cyber ​​bets are made according to a certain scheme: for two teams there are 3 options for the outcome of the battle.

The largest bookmakers in the world use statistics from previous battles, and the winnings depend on the value of the odds. Before placing bets on CS GO : live, express or prematch – you need to pay attention to the number of percent near the team, which means how many bettors have bet on its victory.

Dota 2 esports betting Parimatch

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the MOBA genre . It is a multiplayer shooter that has gained immense popularity due to its ability to play as a team. Dota 2 tournaments gather a multi-million audience of fans. Almost every day, tournaments are held, the prize pools of which are striking in their size.

Before moving on to cyber betting with real money, you need to decide on a bookmaker and create an account on its website. Look for the leading bookmakers that offer a wide range of odds. With a small bet, there is a chance of winning, but with a larger bet, this percentage increases significantly.