PariMatch Registration

If you want to bet on sports, it is important to choose a good bookmaker, one of which is PariMatch. This company has been established for quite a long time, so its reputation is quite good. But first, you need to register.



The first step is to enter your phone number, pre-selecting a country code. As a rule, the code is set automatically based on the geography of the IP from which you log in. The next step you need to take is to enter your date of birth (day/month/year). Then you will need to select the currency. It is recommended to set the currency of the country of residence, but it is an optional condition. The last step on the first stage of registration – is to enter a password, which must be no shorter than eight characters and contain upper and lower case letters and numbers.

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PariMatch – easy registration and safe bets

Once you have come up with a password and clicked on the yellow “Register” button, you will see your PariMatch account number on your screen. Next, the system will ask you to confirm your phone number. After a few seconds, the specified number will receive a short message with a six-digit code, which must be entered in the three blank spaces (2 characters each).

The second stage of the PariMatch registration of a new user is to set up your account. Here you will need to fill in personal data: name, last name, email address, country, and city of residence. The last point is the answer to the secret question, which will be used in case of problems with logging in to the PariMatch site. In this case, you must enter a four-digit pin code. Once all requirements are met, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to your mailbox. The link will be available for seven days. After that period, the link will no longer be valid, and you will have to go through all the registration steps again.

If you went to your email and did not find the letter, it may have been marked as spam. Once you have clicked on the confirmation link, your game account will be activated. Here you will be offered a PariMatch bonus. To receive your cash bonus, you will need to fill out and confirm all of your personal details, as well as fund your PariMatch user account.


Adding Funds to Your Account at PariMatch

To make a deposit, you need to go to the “Deposit/Withdrawal” section and then select a payment service. The most widespread tool for deposit and withdrawal is a payment card. To transfer money from a card to an account, you must specify bank details, including the card number of 16 digits, the cardholder’s name and surname, and a three-digit CVC or CVV code. Before that, you will also need to specify the amount you want to put on your game account. After completing all the instructions, the amount of money you have specified will be transferred to your PariMatch account.

PariMatch is a legal company, so to make bets, you will need to go through another important stage of registration – verification. For this purpose please upload a copy of a document confirming your identity. A scanned copy or a photograph of your document (usually a passport of a citizen) should be of good quality so that the personal data is not distorted during processing. Finally, you will need to verify all data. In total, the identity verification process should not take more than half an hour. If you have any questions, contact the round-the-clock support service of BC PariMatch.

What does PariMatch registration give to a new user?

Registration on the site PariMatch opens access to the entire functionality of the site. A client of the organization PariMatch, which has been working in the betting market for more than 25 years, gets the opportunity to bet on sports and cybersports with favorable odds. The site of PariMatch regularly conducts online gambling, where real people – dealers of the PariMatch organization – play with you. In addition, the user of the PariMatch site can play sports and other games online, try their luck in the slot machines and use other features of the web resource.

The official portal offers players the following options:

  • New account registration;
  • New account registration
  • Login to your account;
  • Betting;
  • Financial operations;
  • Viewing news, getting bonuses;
  • Broadcasting of live tournaments;
  • Contacting the technical support service.
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PariMatch – one of the best betting platforms


Possible problems

If you have followed the instructions of the PariMatch bookmaker’s office, you shouldn’t have any problems with passing the full account registration procedure.

However, if you have any unforeseen problems, check the following:

  • Carefully check all the information given when registering. Check the reliability of the password you set.
  • Many problems are due to an incorrect ID. Some players use a driver’s license, for example, which cannot be used to register at a betting shop. Another problem could be an outdated ID, for example.
  • Perhaps you are connecting to the network via public Wi-Fi and someone has already previously registered an account on the PariMatch site. In this situation, an IP block that protects against registering multiple accounts from one location can work.

Remember that you can always use the help of the technical department, which works around the clock.

PariMatch is a reliable and trusted bookmaker, which is worth registering an account with. Filling out the registration forms takes no more than 3 minutes. The bookmaker office is known for its fast identification process and activates user accounts within a short time. Due to the step-by-step registration process, the player is protected from fraudulent actions.