PariMatch Verification

Account verification is a necessary step for those players who plan to withdraw funds from their account at PariMatch. The procedure itself is not complicated but requires some time. Once the account is verified, the player will be able to withdraw funds in the selected account currency to an external account. Remember that only the payment system that was used for the deposit will be available for withdrawal.

Verify your PariMatch account now and make bets

Let’s look at how to verify in PariMatch, what you need to do, what difficulties may arise, as well as how long it takes to verify in PariMatch.


Why do we need account verification?

Account verification is aimed at protecting the user. After completing the creation of an account, the PariMatch office offers to fill out a personal profile, indicating your data, such as date of birth, first name, and last name. In addition, the PariMatch betting company requires that the details of the account owner, using which a deposit is made, are identical to the information in the profile and on the documents. The verification procedure of PariMatch protects from intruders. Even if someone manages to gain access to the account – a fraudster will not be able to withdraw money from it. When trying to withdraw to another card or wallet, the account will be frozen, and the owner will receive a notification. To unblock the account, you will need to re-verify in PariMatch, as well as to change the password to the account.

How to verify an account?

The verification procedure for PariMatch starts in the player’s profile. You can upload your documents in the “Account setup” section. Verification in PariMatch is available using:

  • passport or ID;
  • driver’s license;
  • foreign passport.

To upload only photos of documents are accepted. The entire page of the document must be in the frame and clearly distinguishable. Scans of documents will not be considered. PariMatch bookmaker office verification is possible using files in formats:

  • JPG;
  • JPEG;
  • GIF.

The file size should not exceed 5 MB. There are no limitations to the file resolution, but it should be taken into account that the better you see the necessary information, the faster and easier will be the verification of PariMatch.

Also, you can upload documents in RUS, UA, and ENG languages.

As soon as PariMatch verification is over there will be a mark “Verified” in your profile.

Man going through verification process
Complete a few steps to verify your account

Possible problems during account verification

It is difficult to say how long it takes to verify PariMatch. As applications are not considered automatically, and users do not always follow all the recommendations, the support service often has backlogs. The PariMatch office does not indicate in the rules terms of consideration of applications, so users should have patience. As practice shows, to flood the support service with questions “how long is the verification in PariMatch” does not bring any effect and the application is considered at the same pace.

However, users are worried not only about the question “how long is the verification PariMatch”. Often even a verified account is asked for a second verification. In addition to the above-mentioned documents, they may be asked to provide tax statements or utility bills. Usually, it is necessary to verify that the user is not impersonating another person. Although re-verification takes no less time, it is often the best way to protect your betting account and the funds on it.


The whole procedure is aimed not only at improving the quality of user service but also at ensuring security. The owner of a verified account gets access to all the bookmaker’s offers, including:

  • Accelerated calculation of bets and payouts according to the odds;
  • Support service assistance (available around the clock);
  • Possibility to watch video broadcasts;
  • Extensive betting line and favorable odds.

It is also important that after completing PariMatch verification, the user can be sure that his rights will be respected following current legislation.

In some bookmakers this procedure is mandatory, but most bookmakers conduct verification selectively or before the first withdrawal. Keep in mind that during verification, withdrawals from the office will be forbidden.

If you don’t want to be asked for your documents at an inopportune moment, do it beforehand. Some bookmakers have forms for entering scans of documents, but if you cannot, you can always contact the support service, which will help you.

When registering at the office, always use only real data. If you register a profile under a fictitious name, then later it will be very difficult to prove to the support service of the PariMatch office that you did not plan any illegal actions.

You should not panic when PariMatch asks you for your documents. You should understand that this is not a single action against your game, thousands of players verify their accounts every day, so treat it as a given.