How to place tennis bets correctly

Sports betting is one of the most common ways to make money through bookmakers (BC). Bet tennis match are especially popular. And this is not strange, because this sport has a lot of fans all over the world. It is impossible to increase your financial condition at such rates without considering the theory and without analyzing the experience of other seasoned players. Having studied all these questions, strategies and features of the game, you have a chance to earn a decent amount by choosing a reliable bookmaker.


Educational program on tennis betting Parimatch

The process of bet table tennis Parimatch is similar to betting on any other sport. But there are certain nuances associated with the features of the game. They will help determine how to bet on Parimatch tennis correctly.

Laws of tennis and player motivation

Different court coverage for tournaments has a great influence on the outcome of the game. This factor can be key for a tennis player. Some players win on grass, but they are easy to defeat on clay. There are practically no generalists in tennis. Therefore, before making a bet, apart from the rating, study the statistics of the game on different surfaces. In tennis tournaments Parimatch, these are clay, grass, carpet and hard.

An important aspect is undoubtedly the tennis player’s motivation. Better to give preference to big tournaments like Grand Slam. Here, each player will fight for victory to the last. In smaller-scale fights, the titled participant should be alert. He most likely participates for money and will quickly disappear from the tournament table.

Types of bets in the bookmaker’s line:

  • Match outcome – you need to determine the winner;
  • Total – the number of sets (parties) or games (part of a party);
  • Correct score – you need to count the sets won;
  • Handicap – the difference in points: games are taken from the favorite, and the games are added to the outsider;
  • Set bets – the above types of bets, but in a separate party;
  • Betting on games – for whom the game will be, whether there will be a specified score in the game, whether there is a break (loss of the game on its own serve);
  • Additional types – bets on aces, special short game, double faults, personal total, etc.

Features of the analysis of tennis matches Pari match

It is impossible to win on bets without analyzing the upcoming competitions. Having analyzed all the conditions and factors of the tournament, you can achieve a high percentage and remain a winner. The most basic data for study is the rating and statistics of tennis players. Without information about statistics, it is impossible to make any prediction of the outcome of the game. First of all, you need to consider the points won due to your active actions. You should also focus on the percentage of winning games on the player’s own serve and the number of breaks. The rest of the factors are described below.


Betting rules and tips for beginners

Before planning a forecast, regardless of the sport, you need to consider in detail the current information about the statistics of your opponents. But that’s not all there is to know about tennis Parimatch betting. In addition, for a successful bet, it is important to consider:

  • What form is the athlete in. Often times in tennis you can find a situation where a mediocre tennis player in good physical shape beat his famous star colleagues. Attention should also be paid to the presence of injuries, in the first fight after rehabilitation the player plays worse than his capabilities.
  • Were there personal meetings or not. It is in such matches, unlike other sports, that personal meetings affect the outcome of the tournament. Even among the top players, there are athletes who are uncomfortable playing against a lower-rated opponent. Therefore, it is important to look at the type of coverage and motivation at the game where the match took place.
  • Game technique and personal data. You can talk about the athlete’s playing technique at the height of his career (at its peak). It directly depends on its parameters. When making a successful forecast, you need to look at your age and your working hand.

With each bet, it will be much easier to take into account that many factors.

How to bet on tennis games Parimatch

One of the ways to make money in live is to bet on games. To win, you need to decide on a strategy. The most successful and profitable among them:

  1. Victory of the host in the game. The main idea is that the player loses during the set, does not give all his best, because he focuses on the second or main game. This allows the opponent to take breaks. They have very high odds.
  2. Bets are 40:40 in a game. This ratio is about three. Most often, this score occurs when the losing player serves. With this strategy, the key is the choice of the fight. The opponents should be an underdog with a bad serve and a favorite with a good reception.

In order to increase your condition, it is important to choose the appropriate method. Whether your forecast will come true or not depends on the correct planning of the results.

How to bet on tennis by sets

The main feature of such strategies is betting on the victory in the third set. To make these bets live, you need to observe the following points:

  • Players must be at the same level;
  • The difference in odds to win at the start of the game is no more than 0.60.

In the case of approximately equal opportunities for the players and a victory in the first set with a significant advantage of one of them, the bookmakers change the odds. The offices overestimate the favorite for this set. As a result, the potential winnings from a bet on his opponent increases.

The meaning of the strategy is as follows: if, according to the results of the first game, the win multiplier of one player is lower than 1.15-1.20, you need to bet for his opponent. After the values ​​start to increase, and they return to the initial values, you should make a reverse bet.

If all the conditions described earlier are met and the statistics of tennis players are correctly analyzed, then the strategy must definitely work.

What is total in tennis betting Parimatch?

Total in tennis bets shows the number of games that will be played in matches. When calculating rates for this indicator, you need to pay attention to the fact about the established records in recent years. So in 2014, the game between Jarkko Nieminen and Bernard Tomic took less than half an hour. The score in the match was 6: 0, 6: 1, that is, the total of this game is 13 games. The match became the shortest in the history of the competition.


How to bet correctly on tennis live Pari match

Live betting is a great opportunity to make your choice during the game. So the bettor can evaluate the alignment of the match and make a choice, focusing on the situation he has seen. More often than not, experienced bettors say that during a match it is easier to talk about its outcome. In addition, for insurance, you can make a bet with the bookmaker against the original bet. This is usually done when the expected forecast does not come true.

Basic tennis betting strategies

Based on analysis and personal experience, you can develop or master profitable strategies. It can be either a big win or a good insurance against unforeseen game circumstances.

Favorite betting strategies

The main point of such bets is making a bet with a bookmaker on tennis players at a multiplier of 1.45-1.65. For a positive outcome, you need to choose fights between the favorite and the outsider. Bookmaker quotes will also help you to make your choice. Their analysts conduct their monitoring and notice a clear nominee for the victory. In the case of odds within the above limits on the “expected” winner, you definitely need to bet on his winnings.

An almost win-win option for such a strategy is its combination with catch-up. People who are well versed in betting note a greater likelihood of the bookmaker’s favorite score being consistent with the actual outcome of the game.

First point betting

This strategy is suitable for a roll of 1, which the player can take. This point can be both for the receiving tennis player and for the server. The larger multiplier is usually set by the bookmakers on the server. To properly understand this approach, you need to consider in detail the capabilities of the players and how often each of them took 1 in the game. At the same time, it is important to determine on whose serve this point was taken. After that, you need to choose a game that matches your forecast in real time.

It is not entirely reasonable to count on taking the bet by catch-up in such a situation. Betters with experience use the ladder strategy. So there is a risk of losing only the initial investment.

Express bets

Almost all bookmakers have the ability to choose from several options for the result of the match. So, for example, the player chooses a handicap (-4.5) or (-2.5). Place a bet on the total of 19.5 games or 16.5. This is a great chance to reduce the risk that the bet will not work.

If you bet on less dangerous values, the odds will be much less. In order not to burn out, you must first analyze several games. The strategy works only if the favorite wins by a very large margin. But at the same time, the lagging player must be able to take at least half of the games on his own serve. Then these bets can be combined into an express bet. But it is worth remembering that such an alignment not only increases the amount won, but also more risks (two bets must be fulfilled).


Correct Score Betting

The essence of the strategy of such bets is to plan the outcome of the match by sets. The possible number of sets depends on the tournament, usually it ranges from 3 to 5. The fight ends when you win 2-3 sets. In this case, you need to bet only on the values ​​2: 0 or 3: 0 for the contender for the victory. With this strategy, the winning multiplier should be no more than 1.50.

The bet must be made based on the results of tennis players on a particular type of court. Coverage can play an important role in the outcome of a match. The forecast should take into account statistics on successful serve, victories on the opponent’s serve and rating. You need to be sure that the player wins without losing.

Drain bets

You can find tennis championships in which the drain takes place according to the general scheme. It works in this way: the player takes the first set with a huge lead in the account. As a result, an additional bet is made on his victory. Then stubborn resistance is depicted, after which this tennis player merges the competition. When choosing this strategy, small championships with middle position players are suitable. If one of the athletes wins with a difference of 3-4 points, you need to choose the losing player for the second set.

Shchukin’s strategy

Bets must be placed on the athlete receiving the pitch. For the forecast to work, the multiplier must be three or more. The strategy is executed under the following conditions:

  • games are selected from men’s and doubles tennis;
  • there should be no clear favorite among the players.

Financial management is carried out according to the following plan: for the initial bet, 1 is chosen, with the second defeat, the bet doubles, subsequent losses in games increase the bet by one point.

Fork strategy

For additional insurance, use the “forks” strategy. This system implies betting on the opposite results of the match. The main thing is to correctly calculate the amount of insurance. In addition, it must cover these two rates. This calculation assumes a multiplier of no less than 1.75 for each athlete. A larger amount is placed on a smaller coefficient, and accordingly a smaller amount is placed on a larger one.

Betting strategy in tennis “corridor”

This method is used in various sports. A basketball system was taken as a basis. But it had to be slightly modified taking into account all the features of tennis Parimatch. The idea of ​​a safety net also works here. In this way, two bets are made and for each of the results of the match, the bettor wins. It is best to register with several bookmakers at once to compare win multipliers. Then you just need to bet on one option with different endings of the match. The minimum multiplier should be 2.01.